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Nepal Flair Bartender Association (NFBA)

FBI FLIAR BARTENDER is affiliated to Nepal Flair Bartender Association (NFBA) is importing technical education as well as academic knowledge of international standard in the field of Professional and Technical Education.
Industries throughout the world. So, the grooming at NFBA/FBI takes place with a global perspective. Focus at NFBA/FBI is to produce not only trained, technically qualified personnel, but also individuals who have completely finish his/her course from managerial aspects and conceptually understanding the dynamics of the hospitality services and bartending industry from the business point of view. Improving students to build career opportunities in the Flair bartender and Mixology sectors through quality education practically and theoretically
and recognize widely as a pre-eminent Institution in Nepal with internationally focused programs.

Our Mission

To excel in the business of developing individuals as valued contributors in international communities by:
• Creating, delivering and supporting quality education in a nurturing and friendly environment.
• Exhibition confidence in the ability of each individual to achieve his or her potential.
• Creating an environment for an individual to progress at a pace according to his or her needs.
• Equipping individuals with the skills and abilities to succeed in an increasingly global environment.
• Providing further opportunities through liking our organization with others.
• Offering specialized positions in this highly competitive industry.
• Focuses to provide high quality education to all those who seek it, irrespective of age, region or formal qualifications.

Life at FBI

• Focused teaching and learning environments with small classes and personal attention.
• Side-by-side instruction with real world experience.
• Hands-on classes, so one can practice with real tools of their new career.
• Tutoring services available for students who need extra help.
• Studying and working in a multicultural environment.
• Study aimed at international trends and developments.
• National and International guest lecturers and speakers.
• Excellent job practices.

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