FBI Flair Bartender

Affiliated to Nepal Flair Bartender Association (NFBA)

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Samakhusi, Kathmandu (Oppo. to Rehdon College)

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"FBI, Serve With Style"

A Groundbreaking Learning Experience

Thrive in an immersive learning environment that brings together leading academics and industry visionaries.

FBI Molecular Mixology

"Learn the hidden gems of F and B Service"

FBI Bartender

"FBI Flair & Mixology Science / Bartender"

FBI Barista

"Learn the hidden gems of F and B Service"

FBI F & B Service

"Learn the hidden gems of F and B Service"

Drive Your Career

Providing the best learning environment so that the students can right fit into the competative and practical world.
We follow the steps..



Learning is a complex process and is essential for progressive growth. At Fbi Flair Bartender, we deliver high quality and industry-standard theoretical and practical education.



There is a huge gap between theoretical education and the practical market. To fill the gap, we help you have a stepwise career map with extensive career counseling and supportive assistance for your job application process.



Third Step: You do. You get the quality education and skills, have the right career path and determination, now it's your time to obtain the professional career.

Words From President

“Welcome to the vibrant and dynamic world of the bar service industry! Bartending goes beyond merely pouring drinks; it’s an art that caters to demanding customers. Our elite team, with decades of experience, has produced over three thousand highly skilled bar professionals. Join our professional teams and secure a bright future!” 🍹🌟

Mr. Yuvraj Garbuja Pun, President (FBI & NFBA)

FBI Flair Bartender | There is no doubt that the education received at the FBI Flair Bartender is among the most prestigious and competitive in the association.

"Serve With Style."

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Samakhusi, Kathmandu (Opposite To Rehdon College)

Phone Number

+977 9841553861